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Order your POSTER as a unique Edition, directly from our digital sources approved by the "Estate of A.M.CASSANDRE": Roland Mouron. ©All copyrights cleared at once.


With the guarantee of the best standards of reproduction from unique Digital HD sources, adapted and worked on professional criteria of reproductions, Every reproduction of poster is realized and controlled by Roland Mouron with the cooperation of Negative Plus specialized in the photographic editions for professional reproduction.


The choice of our printing paper for reproduction goes for  «  Fine Art -rag WT 310g or Rag Classic 308g ».


Of a quality of reproduction still unequaled and based on an experience of 16 years in the field of Digital, every poster is the object of a unique edition, and is stamped and certified:  «  Estate of A.M.Cassandre ».

Each poster is reproduced one by one and finally approved by Roland Mouron.


in terms of quality, this offer is including the guaranty of standards of reproduction given by Roland Mouron. 

A license agreement with a license number certifies the quality of reproduction approved by Roland Mouron and its authenticity.


Choose the REFERENCE of your Poster in the GALLERY and return the request form below. A proposal of license certifying the authenticity of the poster will be sent to you.


Discover a real new way of printing by the Estate of AM. Cassandre: your final poster in terms of color and details is closed to the original done by AM. Cassandre.


  • POSTER- Format : 90cm * 60cm:   450 Euro HT

  • POSTER - Oversized : on demand only.

  • Delivery  OUT OF FRANCE / Additional delivery fees: 180€HT/Poster Via FEDEX

  • Delivery in  FRANCE / Include in the license.

  • Payment via PAYPAL for delivery outside France ou Bank transfer for France.

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