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Roland MOURON, Estate of A.M.CASSANDRE



Everyone knows at least one poster of CASSANDRE, an artist who, during the 30's, will occupy the first place in the world of advertising posters. Through his famous works, posters for the Nord Express trains, Étoile du Nord, the Normandie and L'atlantique liners, the well known Dubo, Dubon, Dubonnet triptych, his typographic creations, or even the Yves Saint-Laurent logo, CASSANDRE was not only, according to the words of his friend Blaise Cendrars, one of the most fervent animators of modern life, but above all, one of the most outstanding founders of graphic design.

Roland Mouron, grandson of A.M.CASSANDRE, in his duty to remember, takes all its legitimacy, in his desire to share the story of this artist, some of whose advertising images have entered the collective memory.

Too rare exhibitions, Museum of Decorative Arts-1950, Seibu in Tokyo-1984, Suntory-1995, BnF-2005, have expressed the profusion of A.M.CASSANDRE's work. Rare monographs, "CASSANDRE" by Henri Mouron and "CASSANDRE" by Alain Weill, about the artist, have shared the richness of his work.

It seems essential to create a website on the history of this artist with regard to his impact, still today, on the advertising world, on the theater or on Typography.

This Artist, with an extreme taste for perfection, who devoted his entire life to a dedicated "artistic hard-line", was torn between his desire for artistic recognition for a large audience and his hidden desire to express himselves through a so-called “major art" : painting.

Faced with the "physical" inability to still be able to express himself artistically at the end of his life, this thirst for perfection led him inexorably to his suicide. For sure, in the mean time, he will leave a "singular" trace of works that set references in many fields.

I give tribute to my father, Henri Mouron, son of A.M.CASSANDRE, who through his book "CASSANDRE", dedicated to the Artist, made possible the preparation of this website about The artist A.M.CASSANDRE.

I also address my thanks to Suntory Museum, the BnF and especially to Mr. Alain Weill for his unwavering friendship and the talented Monograph "CASSANDRE", of which he is the author.

My thanks also go to the attention of Madame Béatrice Saalburg for her faithful commitment to share the work of the artist A.M.CASSANDRE.

Roland Mouron, ESTATE of A.M.CASSANDRE

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