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  • 1901 - Is born to Kharkov ( Russian Empire until 1917) and spends his childhood until the First War in Russia.  - Studies to the Academy Julian with Lucien Simon, where he paints paintings in the style of Cezanne, Academy of "la Grande Chaumiere", "Atelier libre" of Montparnasse. To live, he takes a work to the printing office Hachard. 

  • 1919 - He begins to follow the works of Bauhaus. 

  • 1922 - He signs his first advertising works of Cassandre's pen name   (Margarine Sacac, Pastas Garres).

  • 1923 - "Le Bucheron", the big synthetic composition which brings him the celebrity, and is worth to him the big price of the International Exhibition of the decorative arts of 1925. 

  • 1924 - Sign a contract with Hachard and Cie who will publish his posters until 1927. 

  • 1926 - He begins to work for Maurice Moyrand, agent of the printing office of Danel in Lille. During this very fertile period, he theorizes about the art of the street: the poster art offers to the painter the means to find the contact lost with a wide public. 

  • 1927 - Beginning of his searches on the space and the speed: "L'Etoile du Nord", "Le Nord Express", "L' Intran". 

  • 1929 - Alphabet Bifur in the advertising custom, melted by Deberny & Peignot, and in 1930 character Steel. 

  • 1930 -Joined the UAM (Union des Artistes Modernes). Foundation of the -Alliance Graphique-: Moyrand gathers Loupot and Cassandre. 

  • 1933 - First decoration of theater for Amphitryon 38. Professor of graphic advertisement at the School of the decorative arts then at the School of Graphic Art. His main pupils will be Savignac, Bernard Villemot, and Andre Francois.

  • 1935 - Sign a contract of exclusivity with Draeger. 

  • 1936 - After a review of its posters to the Museum of Modern Art in New York he signs a contract with Harper's Bazaar and lives in the United States. 

  • 1938 -1950 - He dedicates itself to the painting and to the decorations of theater (Opera, Theater of the Champs-Elysees, Festival of Aix, French Comedy). 

  • 1950 - Big exhibition balance of twenty-five years to the "Musee des Arts Decoratifs". Until 1960, creations of logotypes (Yves Saint Laurent), of characters for Olivetti. 

  • 1959-68 - Works and projects which do not succeed. Exhibitions (exposures) of posters. He commits suicide


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