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Poster and theatre designer, lithographer, painter and creator of typefaces, Cassandre, one of the greatest commercial artists of the twentieth century, was born in Ukraine in 1901 and lived for almost 80 years. A friend of Balthus and De Chirico, whose art he deeply admired, he reconciled the ideas of such contemporary avant-garde movements as Cubism, Surrealism, and Neue Sachlichkeit, with the demands of Commercial Art.  


Savignac once said, describing AM.Cassandre: "Because he hated to be told 'What you are asking for is impossible', he was determined to learn as much as he could from every little job he ever did. Yet, he never acted arrogantly when he could show that his demand was quite possible; he was simply happy just to be able to prove it since he knew it would make a great difference in his production." 


Henri Mouron had totally devoted himself and his life to introduce all the creations by AM.Cassandre to the public. He so endeavored for his father's work, with the same spirit of "perfection", which his father never ceased to value most of all.

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