1. The Licensor guarantees the Licensee that Mister Roland Mouron is the only heir of his grandfather Adolphe Mouron called “AM. Cassandre”. Therefore, Mister Roland Mouron owns in full the copyrights of Cassandre’s graphical work notably the moral rights. 

  2. This license guarantees the Licensee that Mister Roland Mouron did not transfer in full his reproduction rights to anyone or any other company.

  3. The Licensor guarantees the Licensee to be exclusively entitled to manage all copyrights and moral rights deriving from the graphic work of “AM. Cassandre ". Thus, the Licensor guarantees that it is the sole and undivided owner of the Licensed Material.

  4. The License guarantees the Licensee that the final product named “poster” and delivered is done with the entire approval of the only Estate of AM. Cassandre.

  5. The Licensee acknowledges that the pictures saved on Roland Mouron’s database were created by “AM. Cassandre”, due to the moral rights of Mister Roland Mouron. 

  6. The Licensee acknowledges that Mister Roland Mouron shall write the following copyright indication under each reproduction: © XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXwww.cassandre.fr

  7. By signing this license, the Licensee accepts that the Licensor will have no responsibility for any reproduction of trademarks included in the Licensed Material.

  8. Unless permitted by this agreement, the Licensee shall not use or reproduce the trademark “AM. Cassandre” and without the prior consent of the Licensor.


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