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  • The necessity of reproducing under every image spread on the website the following link:


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  • Your implicit agreement, that for a reproduction of AM.CASSANDRE'S picture other than on a website for information, a license agreement approved by Roland Mouron, only Estate of AM.Cassandre, is necessary.


  • The reproduction on a website for public information without preliminary agreement implies that you recognize that you have been informed that images of the author AM.CASSANDRE contain active or non-active Trademarks and that the Legal successor Roland Mouron cannot be held responsible for the reproduction and the distribution on the website or affiliated websites of these said Trademarks. It is up to the reproducer to manage his obligations.



© Any reproductions of images of the author AM.CASSANDRE other than for information on the web, as the sale or the resale of images of the Author AM.CASSANDRE on websites must be submitted to a preliminary request to Roland Mouron, only Estate of AM.Cassandre, for the establishment of a license agreement in conformance with Copyrights and Trademarks involved.